About Fredrik Haren

Author and Global Keynote Speaker . Invited to speak in 65 countries on 6 continents

Fredrik has inspired more than 1,000,000 people through his speeches, and just last year he spoke in 24 countries on 4 continents. Having a clear Inner Theme has been crucial to his success.

These Inner Theme Sessions is something Fredrik does to help more people harness the power of a clear and authentic Inner Theme.

Just in the last year he has helped over 100 people on 5 continents find their Inner Theme.

Fredrik does these sessions because his own Inner Theme is “Humanity to the power of Ideas” which means that his mission in life is to help maximise the potential of humanity through creativity and the sharing of ideas.

Helping others find clarity around their own Inner Themes so that they too can go out into the world and fully spread their message helps Fredrik be true to his own Inner Theme.

Additional information

The value of an Inner Theme session.

Most people are not aware of what their true Inner Theme is, which is understandable since it is very difficult to find it on your own. But when you are helped to find it it becomes a powerful tool that will guide you for the rest of your life.

The Inner Theme Session will help you find clarity around your life’s purpose, help you define your key message that you can share to the world, and get a better understanding of what you should focus your energy on moving forward.

Do not be fooled by the fact that it is just one hour: the sessions are profound and often life changing. (Watch the testimonials in the videos above to get a sense of what the experience is like.)

What others are saying

“I had been struggling to find my inner theme for some time. Oh sure, I have my business The Digital Conversationalist, but my inner theme is deeper than that. It’s that core ability I have, and I always believe core abilities are often the hardest thing to see in ourselves. It was amazing having that time with Fredrik, watching him weave his magic.”

Andrea Edwards

“What I have been trying to do for the last 3 years, Fredrik managed in 35 minutes. In an extremely powerful coaching session he helped me discover my message to the world. I left the session feeling electric, and super excited about the possibilities! Absolutely unbelievable – and life changing.

Theo Davies

Wow! What an experience. I sat down with Fredrik for an hour, talked about myself, my life and my career, and by the end of it, he had captured my inner theme! He helped me find my core interests, and my message that gives me purpose. That is huge! Today it is giving me clarity and direction and it will shape my career decisions as I move forward – potentially for the rest of my life!

Ashley Chiampo

“I have been working on my positioning for a long time and felt that I was only halfway… something was missing. I contacted Fredrik for some advise regarding industry trends that could help me with my direction. What I got was an deep experience. He guided me through, to discover my red thread in life and linking it to the inner theme. Having a quite analytical mind, I was of course a bit skeptic directly afterwards, it cannot be that easy. I mean, I have done so much work on my professional development and taken help from several advisors without getting this far. But I have now had time to reflect, taste it, see how it maps to the way I do things and when I read old notes and articles I have written I can see it shine through. What was unseen is now seen and it has given me a foundation to build my decisions upon which keeps me focused. I can highly recommend Fredrik.”

Mia Liljeberg

“I had the pleasure of a 1-1 coaching session with Fredrik on formulating my “inner theme” as a KeyNote speaker. The words “amazing”, “awesome” and “priceless” still seem too weak to describe the value of one hour with Fredrik. Before the session, I was already quite aware of my space, or my “inner theme”, but putting the right words on it has been a challenge for a while. Within one session, by challenging everything I said and by giving me the mirror that I needed, he cracked it.”

Mette Johansson